Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Framed Subway Art

Here is another super easy and cheap Halloween project. 
What you will need:
Picture Frames (I used 8x10s)
Printer and Printer Paper

These frames came from the Dollar Tree but you could use any old frame.  If it's not the color you want it to be, you can always spray paint it.
I googled Halloween subway art and found this one from Bunch of Craft and this one from Craft-O-Maniac.
There are tons of different images out there if you prefer something different.
Just print out your image and put it in your frame. 

I also made this one to finish off my shelf in the living room.  This one is a 5x7 and I got the frame for this from the Dollar Tree too.  You can find the printable here at Andersruff.
Cost of these projects:
$3 for 3 picture frames from the Dollar Tree
Paper and printer ink I already had on hand.


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