Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Football Blanket

This year for Christmas I have decided to do mostly handmade gifts for family and friends.  First on my list was this football blanket from Thriving Home for my son.  His room is done in a football theme so this was perfect.
What you will need to make one like mine:
2 yards brown fleece fabric
2 yards designed fleece fabric
1/2 yard white fleece fabric
straight pins
sewing machine

I made mine basically the same way she did however mine is much bigger. 
When I was down at Hancock Fabric the other day they were having a huge sale on fleece so that is what I decided to make his out of.  You can save another 10% with them if you sign up for their text messages and you can combine that with their sale.  They also accept competitors coupons.
This blanket was super easy to make.  I finished it in 2 nights without any problems.
I think he is going to love it.
Cost of this project:
2 yards brown fleece $7.18 ($3.99 a yard, minus my 10% off text)
2 yards football fleece $10.78 ($5.99 a yard, minus my10% off text)
1/2 white fabric $1.79 ($3.99 a yard, minus my 10% off text)
Thread, straight pins and sewing machine I already had.
For less than $20 this is a really nice blanket.  It's thick and warm.  I'm sure he will have it for years to come.

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