Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Spell Books

These are super easy to make for Halloween and they won't cost you a fortune.
What you will need for this project:
Hardback Books
Acrylic Paint
Stencils (optional)
First you need some hardbacked books.  I got mine from the library in the discarded books.  My library charges $0.25 each for hardbacks.  If your library doesn't sell old books, you can always find some at garage sales and thrift stores.  If the books have a dust cover on them, just remove it.  You won't need them for this project.
Now just paint your books with an acrylic paint.  I picked colors that would match my Wicked Blocks hat I made a few weeks ago since these were going on top of my cupboards too.
I did about 3 coats of paint on each book to make sure they were covered good.
Once that was dry, I printed out different words on my computer in different fonts and sizes.  I didn't use my cricut for this project since I wanted to paint the words on the spines instead.
To transfer the words, simply go over your printed out letters with a lead pencil.  Press hard so that you have alot of lead on each letter.  Once you do that, line your words up on the book lead side down to where you want it.  Next you will need a popsicle stick or something along those lines to transfer the word.  Simply rub the paper with the stick and your lead will transfer so you have an outline of your word.  Now you can paint it with a small paint brush.
And there you have it.  A super easy and cheap craft.
Cost of this project:
$1.25 for 5 books
Acrylic paint, paint brushes and computer paper/ink I already had on hand.

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  1. Hey Kathy-
    It is nice to see someone keeps their blog updated --I love your ideas and will look into using them.I just followed your blog.Look forward to seeing more crafts and tips have a nice evening !! Heather