Friday, July 26, 2013

Fingerprint Fall Tree Canvas

The weather was cooler outside today and I got in the mood to do a Fall craft with my youngest.
This was really easy to do and my daughter had a blast making it with me.  Too bad my oldest refuses to do things like this with his Mom.  It's those darn teenage years I guess.
What you will need:
Acrylic Paint (brown, red, yellow, orange and green)
Paint Brush
First I started out by creating the tree.  I just free-handed it.

Paint your little ones finger and have them start putting on the leaves.

There is no certain way to do this.  We just started putting them on and then we went back in and started filling in spots that were empty.  Keep going until you have your desired look.
Be sure to date the back and add your childs name!
Cost of this project:
I already had the paint, paint brush, the canvas from here and of course the little fingers. 
Did you make this craft? Link me to it! I would love to see it!  

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