Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween Spooky Candles

Here is another super easy and inexpensive halloween craft for you to do. I have seen these all over the internet lately. Most of the ones I have seen are made with PVC but this is a way to make it cheaper with just as much impact.
What you will need:
Paper Towel Rolls or Toliet Paper Rolls
Hot Glue
Black Spray Paint
Battery Operated Tea Lights

First I started with the paper towel rolls.  I have been saving them up for a couple of weeks now for this project.  I used 12 because that was how many tea lights I had purchased but you could use as many you want.
Cut them to the sizes you want.  I started with a full tube in the back and went from there.  I layed them out in the order I wanted them in before gluing them to eachother.

Once I glued all of my tubes together I started creating the dripping effect.  Really there is no certain way to do this.  I found that the drips looked better if I started from the bottom of the drip and went upwards with it. 
After these dry completely, spray paint them black.  I used a satin black because that is what I had on hand.
Once dry, stuff the tubes with newspaper.  Leave room in the top for your candles to fit down in the tubes.

I absolutely love the way these turned out.  I have plans to make more of these as soon as I can.

Helpful tips for this project:
If you can't find the black tea light candles, you can always buy the white ones and just paint them black with an acrylic paint.
Dollar Tree sometimes carries the battery operated tea lights.  They are 3 for $1 but my store did not have any in yet.
If you want your candles to stand taller, you can use wrapping paper tubes.
Cost of this project:
$7.98 for 12 tea lights at Menards (they come in pack of 6 for $3.99 each)
Paper towel rolls, black spray paint, newspaper, and hot glue I already hand on hand.

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  1. That is pretty darn cool nifty and clever thanks for sharing !!! Heather