Friday, August 24, 2012

Halloween Stacked Boo Blocks

Yesterday I threw together this cute little decoration for Halloween.  My inspiration for this came from I (heart) To Stamp.  I didn't do mine quite like hers but they are pretty close.
What you will need:
3 Blocks
Scrapbook Paper
Black Paint
Modge Podge
Hot Glue
Vinyl (optional)
4 wooden feet (optional)
First I started with some 4x4 wood blocks I had laying around.  I painted them with a flat black spary paint.
I cut out 3 different squares of scrapbook paper to modge podge.  These were just scraps left over from the halloween countdown project I did earlier.
I put modge podge down on one side of the block and laid the scrapbook paper down. 
Once dried I modge podged over the top of the scrapbook paper.  I did this a few times because I wanted a nice thick layer of modge podge over the paper.
Repeat for the other sides.  For each block, I only covered 3 sides.  I didn't cover the top, bottom, or the back.  Nobody was going to see the back so I didn't figure it mattered.
Next just glue and stack your blocks.  I added some little feet to the bottom of my stack.  If you don't have any feet on hand, this project would still look cute without them.
Then cut out your vinyl if you choose to use that and add to your blocks.  If you don't want to use the vinyl you can print the letters out on your computer or paint them on.
Add a little bow for an embellishment if you choose.
The cost of this project:
Everything for this project was scraps from other projects so it cost me next to nothing to make.

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