Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Fall Leaves Canvas Craft

My sister recently found this craft from Revolutionaries on Pinterest and wanted to make one of her own.  Here is how she did it.
What you will need to create one like hers:
2 8x10 canvases
3-5 different colors/patterns of scrapbooking paper
toliet paper or paper towel rolls
First you will want to pick out your scrapbook paper.  She chose fall like colors with no patterns.
Next you are going to want to cut out some leaves.  To do this, you just take one of your paper towel rolls and kind of smash it down.  Cut off pieces approx. 1/2 inch wide.  There is no set number as to how many leaves you will need to cut.  Go with what you think looks right for your canvases.

Glue them down to your scrapbook paper.
Let these dry completely.
While those are drying, cut up your branch and lay them out on the canvas.  Again, there is no certain way to do this.  Just go with what you think looks best.
Once you have them where you want them, glue those down.
Let dry.
Now you can add in your leaves.  I would suggest laying them all out first before glueing them down.
I love the way hers turned out.  In fact, I will probably be making one of my own here really soon.
Cost of this project:
$1 for 5 pieces of scrapbook paper at Micheals
The branch we found outside and the cavases came from a previous project.  Everything else we had on hand already.


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